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Connectives to indicate order:

English German Example
To begin with Zunächst (einmal) To begin with, you are not qualified enough.
next als nächstes Next, we will have to talk about our homework.
firstly zuerst, zunächst You can always contact me, firstly in my office…
secondly zweitens … and secondly at home after 8 pm.
on second thoughts bei näherer Untersuchung On second thoughts we came to the conclusion …
finally letzendlich, schließlich He emigrated to England and finally settled down in London.
in conclusion schließlich In conclusion, we agree with your opinion.
above all vor allem (aber) And above all he emphasized the necessity…
in spite of all trotz aller In spite of all trouble, he found a solution.











English German Example
in other words mit anderen Worten In other words, holidays are wonderful
that means das bedeutet That means, that the globalization is a good thing.
a better way of putting it is um es besser auszudrücken A better way of putting it is, English is the world-language.
it would be better to say besser wäre es zu sagen It would be better to say that my sister is little.

Connectives to inter from something:

English German Example
in that case in diesem Fall in that case, it’s easy to say that…
otherwise ansonsten Otherwise, it wouldn’t work
this implies das bedeutet, das hat zur Folge This implies, that work isn’t easy to find.
frankly speaking
  • offen gesagt
Frankly speaking,  I’m not interested in your opinion.

Connectives to add something / ideas: 

English German Example
moreover zudem Moreover, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
furthermore außerdem, weiterhin Furthermore, a job in a big company is better than no job.
and und I like Sushi, and I like Spaghetti.
also auch I earn a lot of money, and my sister also has a good job.
likewise ebenfalls He is likewise very good at French.
similarly ähnlich, in ähnlicher Weise Similarly, Aple experienced a boom…
equally ebenso Equally, people dislike genetically modified food.
too auch Germany, too, has an interesting cultural scene.
in the same manner in gleicher Weise This must be kept secret in the same manner…
besides außerdem Besides (that) I have a good knowledge in German and English.
again (and again) Again (and again) Again and again navigation devices were stolen out of cars.
in addition zusätzlich In addition, we want two days more holiday.
little by little allmählich, nach und nach Little by little, my pronunciation became better.
consequently Folglich Consequently, you have to say that holidays are great.
in my opinion Meiner Meinung nach In my opinion, life is beautiful.
in contrast to im Gegensatz zu In contrast to other schools, our school is very good.

Connectives to refer to something:

English German Example
with regard to in Bezug auf With regard to Germany, England is…
referring to unter Bezugnahme auf „Referring to line 7 of the text he underlined his argument against corporal punishment.“
with reference to mit Verweis auf
compared with verglichen mit Compared with the other team, we are a good footballteam.
on the whole im Großen und Ganzen On the whole we come to conclusion, that ice is too expensive this year.
last but not least Zu guter Letzt Last but not least, you have to say that English is a wonderful language.

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