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Beispiel für eine Summary

Auf dieser Seite findet ihr ein ausformuliertes Beispiel für eine Summary.  Es ist eine Summary des Prolgos aus dem Buch “Q&A” (2005) von Vikas Swarup.

Beispiel für eine Summary – Einleitung

The given part is the very beginning of the novel and takes place in Mumbai, India. Streetwise slum inhabitant Ram Mohammad Thomas has won a billion Rupees (over 15 Million Euros) in a quiz show, only to be sent to jail on accusations (but with no evidence) that he cheated. In 2008, the book was adapted into the multiple Oscar-winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire”.

Ausformuliertes Beispiel

The excerpt of the novel “Q&A”, written by Vikas Swarup in 2005, deals with the streetwise Indian slum inhabitant Ram Mohammad Thomas, who has won over 15 Million Ruppes in TV-quiz show. The excerpt presents the very beginning of the Novel, the Prologue, where the reader is introduced to the story and questions concerning Ram Mohammad Thomas’ past are risen. “Q&A” deals with the entire living conditions of slum inhabitants and the connected caste system in India.
After dragging him out of India’s biggest slum “Dharavi”, in Mumbai the protagonist Ram Mohammad Thomas is arrested in the police station, because he previously has won a quiz show. There, he is accused of cheating. The reason that has led to this situation is described as his own fault of daring to try to mingle with the upper class, where Ram Mahammad Thomas, as an inhabitant of the slum, does not belong to. He is proud of his own performance on the quiz show and has partied with his friends at work and has even been looked up to by people, who disrespected him beforehand. His living conditions are quite miserable. Not only that doubtful arrests are a daily routine in Dharavi, violence, theft, rage, resignation and apathy are also common. What strikes the most though is moreover the apparent poverty in this slum, meaning that queuing for water or sanitary facilities, living in overcrowded houses, dirtiness or as an illegal person are part of the protagonists’ daily struggles there.