„Summary schreiben“ auf Englisch

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This is an article about „how to write a summary“. A summary gives a short overview of something longer. It contains the most important information of the original text and gives the reader just enough information he/she needs to get a general idea of what the text is about.

Summary schreiben – Before writing

Read the text carefully and underline keywords (you can identify keywords with the help of who, what, where, when and why). Divide the text up into parts  you can also give each paragraph an own headline to help understand and sum up the text. Note the important facts and ideasLeave out unessential information.

Summary schreiben – While writing

Start with an introductory sentence (include: author, title of the text, year of publication, originally published, and the main topic). Use present tense. Focus on the basic facts and do not give to many details. Use your own words and do not copy sentences from the text. Use your taken notes as guidance. Do not use quotations or direct speech. Do not give your personal opinion or interpretation. Link your sentences with connectives.

Summary schreiben
Summary schreiben

Summary schreiben  – After writing

Re-read and check if you followed the rules from above. Did you only focus on the essential points? Would somebody without knowing the original text understand your summary? Check your text for mistakes.