How to write a comment – Beispiel 3

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Comment on Food security


Nowadays there are many discussions about food security and genetically modified food. In the following comment I will discuss whether genetically modified food should be forbidden or not. The text Food security is a heartbreaking story which confronts us with the dangers of genetic engineering and the benefits of nutritious food. Food security means that all people at all times have physical & economic access to suitable amounts of nutritious, safe, and culturally suitable foods, which are produced in an environmentally and socially fair way and that people are able to inform themselves about their food selection.

My personal view is that genetically modified food causes damages for the human body, people’s health and  the environment as well.Look for the high amount of farmers which tells their dramatic storys of their battle with genetically modified seeds and their companies.I am sure that there are many supporters of genetic engineering because of the revolutionary technology which allows high amounts to be produced  All in all,  this technology should be forbidden and is almost criminal, because it is very harmful for us and our environment.

What it comes down to is that the change or prohibition could be a small but very necessery step in the right direction, and that step is high profile, respected and potentially influential.